Switch for the Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer

Bringing Ethernet to the field in process plants

  • Switch for the Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer
    Switch for the Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer

Ethernet-APL upgrades network communications for the field within process plants. This standardization project for Ethernet on the well-known two-wire cable, driven by twelve well-known suppliers, enables long cable runs, power supply and explosion protection with intrinsic safety as integral components. Ethernet-APL eliminates barriers to data flow, helping all stakeholders in a plant's lifecycle simplify designs, get plants up and running faster, keep them up and running better, and thus better manage risk.

Installation in Zone 2

As part of the collaboration, confirmitity tests are created to which manufacturers submit, creating a high level of interoperability and reliability. Pepperl+Fuchs introduces its first switch for mounting in field housings or control cabinets under its FieldConnex® brand. This DIN rail mountable field switch can be installed in Zone 2. The connections for field devices can be 200 m long and are intrinsically safe for Zone 2 (Ex ic). FieldConnex stands for highly reliable digital communication in the field of the process plant and first-class support from the experts at Pepperl+Fuchs.