Temperature monitoring

for rotary kilns

  • Temperature monitoring
    Temperature monitoring

Raytek introduces the CS210 system for non-contact temperature measurement and monitoring of rotary kiln shells. The modular system integrates up to four infrared line scanners for monitoring long and difficult-to-access kilns. Additionally, point sensors cover shadow areas, for instance behind tyres.

Designed for rotary kilns exclusively, the software compiles all data to a complete thermal image. The upgrade also enables a real-time display of a 3D thermal image of the kiln surface, making refractory monitoring especially user-friendly. Damaged and fallen bricks are quickly located, enabling users to initiate repair and avoid expensive production stops. The system provides a one-brick resolution and sends failsafe hotspot alarms.

A Refractory Management database helps determine when best to replace the refractory. All oven-related and operational data, information about the refractory material, and maintenance dates can be easily managed and documented with a user history. A separate sensor monitoring the burning zone can also be integrated and managed via the software. Communication with the control room is typically realized via a fiber-optic cable and Ethernet TCP/IP. Moreover, the control level can access all system-related data via an OPC server.