Fixed Acoustic Imager for Manufacturing Environments

Detection and visualization of air and gas leaks

  • Fixed Acoustic Imager for Manufacturing Environments
    Fixed Acoustic Imager for Manufacturing Environments

Fluke Process Instruments released its first fixed acoustic imaging solution. The SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager enables users to detect, locate and visualize air and gas leaks or changes in sound signatures across their process and equipment in real-time before they become costly problems. By using an array of sophisticated sound sensors and powerful SoundMap technology, the SV600 translates the sounds that it hears into a visual representation so users can quickly locate and quantify problem areas.

Automated imaging

The SV600 easily integrates with factory systems and can serve as an early warning system that can quickly detect changes across compressors, pumps, pipes, conveyors or across product inspection and quality control processes, and much more with user-defined alarms. Remote evaluation options, meanwhile, help to minimize operator intervention, even in parts of the facility that are hard to reach.

Robotic inspection

The SV600 can also be used a payload for Boston Dynamics’ agile mobile robot Spot, which takes inspection to the next level. Designed to go where other robots cannot go and to perform a broad number of tasks, Spot traverses large facilities or unstructured terrain to automate industrial inspections, monitor remote or difficult-to-access environments and provide situational awareness in remote settings. With the SV600 payload, Spot can be reconfigured to automate air and gas leak detection, increase maintenance team efficiency, greatly reduce safety risks and reduce energy costs.