Termination Connector MUO 2.5

Designed to replace closed-end (CE) terminals

  • Termination Connector MUO 2.5
    Termination Connector MUO 2.5

Designed to replace closed-end (CE) terminals, the MUO 2.5 Termination Connector is one of Molex latest introductions. This will improve both reliability and processing time, besides reducing cable assembly time for OEMs.

“Traditional CE terminals can cause wire damage and cannot be disassembled after installation,” said Yujiro Enomoto, Global Product Manager, Molex. “These innovative connectors move the wire grounding process to the final step in assembly, which will provide a more precise connection at a lower assembly cost.” The MUO 2.5 Termination Connector has just two retainers (2 and 4 circuits, which can be used in any of the three assemblies (4, 6 and 8 circuits).

Separated retainers

Retainers cover the terminal lance, protecting assembly personnel from a potential electrical hazard, and it also includes a wire entanglement protection feature. The separated retainers protect the cables and secure the terminal position while preventing the terminal back-out problem, which acts as an additional electrical shock hazard prevention. A water exhaust function prevents water from getting inside the housing, which adds an additional safety barrier to the connector.  

The MUO 2.5 Termination Connector provide a flexible and cost-effective way to deliver an effective connection, and simplify the assembly processes in such markets as washing machines and refrigeration, and in water heaters, fan heaters and air conditioners in the HVAC market.