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The highly accurate measurement of various products with specific characteristics, often under harsh conditions, is an enormous challenge for process instrumentation – while meeting the requirements of safety-related approvals.

  • The pressure transmitter P DS II in the mode differential pressure measurement.
    The pressure transmitter P DS II in the mode differential pressure measurement.
  • Customized tank system allows precise dosing and continuous monitoring of all the process parameter
    Customized tank system allows precise dosing and continuous monitoring of all the process parameter
  • The SITRANS P DS II with diagnostic function as well as the SITRANS F M MAG serve as reliable and field-proven measuring instruments.
    The SITRANS P DS II with diagnostic function as well as the SITRANS F M MAG serve as reliable and field-proven measuring instruments.

In this demanding environment, the broad portfolio of reliable products and dedicated service support makes Siemens perfectly prepared for the OEM business. Using end-to-end solutions, Siemens has already helped several OEMs to fulfill their customer requirements with a high level of satisfaction.

The OEM and its end customer

The CGK Group, one of Siemens’ OEM customers located in Gullegem (Belgium), specializes in customized tank facilities in the food and beverage, water treatment and chemical industry. There are two types of cylindrical plastic tanks: storage and process tanks, the latter is used for mixing, dosing, etc. These are typically made of PP, PEHD or PVDF materials. Storage tanks are subject to stricter legislation as they have to be double-walled and equipped with different safety systems, the tank design follows the guideline of the DVS (Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e. V. - German Welding Association), an extensive standard as base for the European directive.

The calculation of each plastic tank is done using a special software that considers the following parameters: selection of material, environmental conditions (indoor or outdoor application, wind intensity, available space, etc.), chemical resistance, temperature and more.

These tanks are available with a minimum volume of 60 liters and manufactured by centrifugal casting both in single- and double-walled versions. Various certifications (VLAREM II, Eurocodes, Food Grade, …) ensure a long service life. CGK can customize the tanks, e. g. including pumps, agitators, heating, with or without insulation. The benefits are obvious: very good resistance to corrosive chemicals, seamless version, smooth walls, light construction for easy handling, designed under strict conditions and suitable even for food and beverage applications. The model is selected depending on the density of the material to be stored inside (less than 1000 kg/m³ up to 1800 kg/m³). “With these systems, the customer can bring precise quantities of chemicals into his plants”, says CEO Tijl Charle. BOSS Paints produces wall paint for indoor and outdoor applications, varnishes and wood finishes, along with a number of ‘problem solvers’, specially developed paint for problematic substrates, e.g. damp or cracks. The product portfolio is complemented by color collections, decorative techniques, paint accessories as well as wall, ceiling and floor coverings. BOSS Paints also offers rental or sale of corresponding machines and services such as (technical) advice, training courses and more.

Meet individual customer requirements 

BOSS paints has a high reputation for quality products and in order to ensure consistent quality of its end products it relies on CGK group, who develops the customized tank system which allows precise dosing and continuous monitoring of all the process parameters. This task is particularly challenging as a single facility has to ensure varied compositions and dosages of the raw materials. Moreover, compatibility must be ensured with the latest Siemens PLC system that BOSS Paints now wants to upgrade to. 

To satisfy the high quality standards of BOSS paints, CGK Group requires high-grade process instrumentation products for the equipment of their systems, including the necessary pipelines

These have to be selected according to the process fluid to be stored so that the measurement and control technology can supply perfect results and chemical resistance can also be guaranteed. Flowmeters, level and pressure transmitters play a crucial role here.

The SITRANS range as problem solver 

For many years, Siemens has been considered as an established single-source system supplier for OEM customers in the process industry, offering both consultation and the required measurement and control technology. To best meet BOSS Paints customers‘ requirements, the CGK Group relied on proven products from the Siemens SITRANS range to develop the tank facility. In this case, SITRANS P DSI and SITRANS F M MAG devices were used. These are highly accurate field-proven pressure, flow and level measurement devices with digital protocol and diagnostic capabilities.

Satisfied OEM and end costumer

„The CGK Group particularly appreciates the low maintenance of the installed instruments and their compatibility with a wide range of chemicals.“, says the young CEO. „Siemens looks very closely into the customer projects and CGK as an OEM to find the right instrumentation for the application.“, he adds with praise. Thanks to the selected products, the customer can easily integrate the measurement and control technology into the SIMATIC control system and reliably and quickly automate the production. This saves time and money for planning, construction and commissioning. Both the end customer, BOSS Paints, and the OEM customer, the CGK Group, appreciate this: „That‘s a perfect fit for the culture of CGK.”, says CEO Tijl Charle enthusiastically. A good example of optimum cooperation between the CGK Group as OEM and Siemens as an instrumentation partner.

About BOSS Paints

Chemical resistant measuring instruments are essential for the cylindrical-synthetic storage tanks. As an example, CGK developed a customized tank system for one of its customers BOSS Paints, based in Beveren-Leie, Belgium. BOS Paints is a family-owned business that manufactures paints and sells them to commercial and private customers in Belgium and the Netherlands.