Ultrasonic level indicator

for liquids and bulk solids

  • Ultrasonic level indicator
    Ultrasonic level indicator

The AFRISO SonarFox UST 10 ultrasonic transmitter is designed for continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk solids with various consistencies and surfaces. The level indicator uses the physical properties of ultrasonic waves to determine the level. An ultrasonic wave is emitted and reflected by objects in the sound cone. The time up to the reception of the reflected echo is a measure of the level. Type, density and temperature of the medium as well as installations or stirrers below a suitable level surface of the medium do not affect the measurement. Diffuse surfaces, for example with cones or foam, are not suitable. If foam cannot be avoided, the ultrasonic level indicator must be installed above the point least susceptible to foam formation and subjected to a test run.

SonarFox UST 10 also allows for flow measurement in open channels, rain catchment basins, partially filled pipes, tanks, basins and weirs. The device is suitable for temperatures of the medium from -30 to 90°C and process pressures from 0.5 to 3 bar; it uses 2-wire technology (4-20mA, DC 12-36 V). A switching relay is optionally available.

 All display elements and function keys are arranged below the housing cover for easy access; this way, the unit is fast and easy to commission. Even the basic version provides full functionality. The optional PD10 UST local display can be integrated. The programming display PD10 UST allows the user to set up all functions such as measuring configurations, optimisation, 32-point linearisation, time delays or access to different tank or channel types and various units on the 6-digit LC display. The level indicator is available for the three measuring ranges 0.2 to 4m, 0.25 to 6m and 0.35 to 8m with a measuring accuracy 0.25%. The robust ultrasonic level indicator has no moving parts, is completely maintenance-free and not subject to wear; it is the perfect solution for level measurement in open and closed tanks and areas.