Versatile Level Measurement

Compact devices cover many requirements based on their different measurement methods

  • Versatile Level Measurement
    Versatile Level Measurement

The new AFRISO generation of level measurement devices include the CapFox® EFT 20 capacitance level transmitter, the CapFox® ENT 21 capacitance level switch, the PulsFox® PMG 20 guided micropulse level indicator and the SonarFox® UST 20 ultrasonic transmitter. At first glance, the new, contemporary design with more compact dimensions catches the eye. The attractive range is based on a holistic design concept and allows for compelling solutions, in particular, for silos and tank facilities. Needless to say, that the products also meet special requirements, for example, high pressures of up to 100 bar or high temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Capacitance level measurement for numerous applications

The CapFox EFT 20 level transmitter in 2-wire or 3-wire technology is easy to adjust be means of a magnetic pin, feature degree of protection IP 68 with fixed cable installation and can already be used a tank heights as low as 100 mm - with bulk solids and liquids. The CapFox ENT 21 capacitance level switch, also with degree of protection IP 68, is designed for temperatures of the medium of 300 °C. It is particularly suitable for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and for level detection of bulk solids such as sand, gravel, cement and granular material stored in open or closed containers. Fully or partially insulated rigid probes or flexible probes are available, depending on the medium and the application. Fully insulated electrodes are used for level detection of adhesive, corrosive or electrically conductive media.

The micropulse measuring principle works independently of the medium

The PulsFox PMG 20 guided micropulse level indicators on the basis of the guided micropulse principle (TDR, time domain reflectometry). They allow for high-precision level measurements that are unaffected by changes in pressure, temperature or density – even in the case of foam, dust or turbulent surfaces. The robust housing is specially designed for harsh environmental conditions; the device is also maintenance-free and free from wear and tear. FEP-coated and PFA-coated probes are available for corrosive, highly clean media or food. The device is also suitable for pressurised or vacuum tanks. New and highly useful: The device can be easily adjusted by means of the programming display with user-friendly menus; it also serves as a local display.

Measurement based on ultrasound

The SonarFox UST 20 ultrasonic transmitter also features a robust housing for use under demanding environmental conditions. It serves for continuous, non-contact level measurement in open or closed containers, tanks or silos with liquid, mushy and pasty media – ideal for sludge, adhesives, resins and waste water.

Display for adjustment via and menus and for local indication

New and highly useful: The device can be easily adjusted by means of the programming display PD 20 with user-friendly menus; it also serves as a local display. This is possible even when the tank is empty. The display is designed to be device-independent and can therefore be used for adjustments and displaying the measured values of PMG 20 and UST 20 – resulting in a considerable savings effect when multiple devices are used in a tank system.