Flue gas analyser

with TFT colour display

  • Flue gas analyser
    Flue gas analyser

The AFRISO BLUELYZER ST flue gas analyser has been designed for flue gas analysis, pressure measurement and (differential) temperature measurement. It is suitable for universal application for measuring small and medium-sized oil and gas fired heating systems according to the German 1st Federal Immission Act (BImSchV) and for CO concentration checks at gas fired systems.

Calculated values are CO2, efficiency, lambda and eta values for all condensing heating systems with fuel-specific dew point calculation. BLUELYZER ST is an ergonomically designed, lightweight handheld measuring instrument with a robust protective sleeve and integrated magnets. The large TFT display allows for excellent visualisation of the measured values. The coloured menu system, different colours for the representation of measured values and the intuitive user interface ensure maximum user-friendliness.
The small, extremely compact and robust HVAC all-rounder integrates a great variety of functions: fully automatic instrument check after program start, BImSchV program with qA mean value calculation, CO ambient measurement with two adjustable alarm thresholds, temperature measuring program, Hold function with short-term storage of measured values, editable measuring programs, measured values and sequence of fuels via MicroSD card, a memory function with up to 100 measurement logs, extremely long battery time, display reversing function with rotatable display (by 180°) and Zoom function.

The flue gas analyser features a new, yet proven sensor technology with an extremely short response time. The handheld measuring instrument can be equipped with up to two measuring cells (O2 or CO). A MicroSD card allows for independent data storage; it also enables fast and easy software updates by the user. Measurement logs can be archived as HTML files and opened with any Web browser.