Ultrasonic Sealing Unit

Beumer fillpac R filling system for bags with bulk construction materials and industrial powders can now be equipped with ultrasonic sealing unit upon request

  • Ultrasonic Sealing Unit
    Ultrasonic Sealing Unit

The Beumer Group announced that the Beumer fillpac R bagging system can now be equipped with an ultrasonic sealing unit. The Beumer fillpac R fills bags with bulk construction materials and industrial powders efficiently, gently and with the required throughput. It enables bags of different formats and types, such as upright and flat valve bags, to be filled with different materials ranging in structure from very fine to very coarse. To optimize their appearance, the Beumer Group can equip the fillpac R with an ultrasonic sealing unit on request.

How it works

This is how it works: During filling, a rubber sleeve is inflated on a special connector, preventing the escape of material. When the bag is full, it is automatically pulled from the connector and welded with ultrasound. Afterwards it is very clean and compact. The ultrasonic weld also ensures that material is not spilled or contaminated during transport by truck. Users can state the filling quantity exactly and do not have to add material later.