Unmanaged IP67 Switch

Cost-efficient switches with M12 Power

  • Unmanaged IP67 Switch
    Unmanaged IP67 Switch

Three IP67 switches expand Turck's portfolio – two unmanaged variants and one managed switch. The two TBEN-Lx-SE-U1 feature eight 100 Mbit ports for the efficient networking of cells that don't require managed functions.

Fully potted design

For users simply requiring basic switch functions inside a cell, the TBEN-Lx-SE-U1 offers a solution that is also attractively priced for high volume purchases – for example for networking stations inside an automation cell. Its fully potted design and protection types up to IP69K allow it to be used in the harshest environments without the need for protective enclosures. Short commissioning times are guaranteed since no configuration is required and the power supply is easily implemented with M12 or 7/8 inch connectors.

Two backbone ports

Turck is expanding its offering of managed IP67 switches with the TBEN-LL-SE-M2, a variant with an M12 L-coded power supply. Besides offering eight 100Mbit ports, the device also comes with two Gigabit backbone ports. However, unlike the familiar managed switch, the new variant is supplied with M12-L coded power supply connectors. These can carry up to 16 A per voltage group. Its enhanced set of features with NAT routing, NTP and firewall enables the logical encapsulation of automation cells. You can, for example, use the same IP addresses locally without any address conflicts. The firewall protects the automation network from external factors.