Vacuum pump system

with remote control

  • Vacuum pump system
    Vacuum pump system

The powerful and flexible SC 950 vacuum pump system by KNF Lab features high pneumatic pumping capacity, which enables short process times in laboratory applications. It delivers up to 50 liters per minute (3 m3/hour) and provides an ultimate vacuum of < 2 mbar absolute.

Thanks to space-saving design and remote control, the vacuum pump system can be stowed away in units under the workbench or in a fume hood, with no need for cable fittings. This ensures high flexibility and room on the laboratory bench.

The wireless hand terminal which communicates with the vacuum pump system can be used to enter the desired process parameters and monitor the ongoing processes. Four operating modes are available: Evacuate, Pressure control, Automatic (the system independently determines the sample's vapor pressure), and Individual pressure function, where pressure is controlled according to the user's custom pressure profile. The process can also be controlled manually from the hand terminal. And finally, the user can control all the functions from a PC using the provided Windows software.

Excellent control accuracy, an extremely low noise level and very low vibration while running are some other significant features of the new vacuum pump system.