Valve body concept

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simplifies complex pipe interfaces

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Valve body concept
Valve body concept

The latest generation of innovative INOX valve bodies from Bürkert can eliminate the need for a large number of pipe sections, bends and connections in complex interfaces. Removing a collection of conventional piping greatly reduces space requirements, speeds-up design and installation time and reduces the opportunities for leaks.

Combining fluid, distribution or mixing flows by means of valves is one of the essential, basic processes in production systems for just about every industrial sector. The piping or fluid connections of the various valves and sensors generally involve extensive planning and installation. This obviously increases with the number of valves used in the system.

In the classic scenario, valves and sensors are joined by means of piping components that are connected using conventional connecting technology, such as threaded, flanged, adhesive or welded connections. The disadvantages of such connections include high installation expense and extensive space requirements for the piping.

Fluid connections for valves and sensors in the process industry therefore constantly provide a challenge for system designers, pipe constructors and installers; to implement a piping system that is as simple as possible, while being quick to install and free of leaks. In addition, the solution has to be cost-effective and should require minimal installation space.

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