Valve gearbox

with GOST Standard dimensions

  • Valve gearbox
    Valve gearbox

Rotork Gears has introduced the NTBG series of bevel gearboxes, designed specifically to comply with the Russian GOST-R Standard CKBA 062-2009 for valve and actuator mounting dimensions. GOST is the predominant standard for valves in the oil, gas, power generation and utility industries throughout Russia and its neighbouring countries.

Developed from the proven and rugged Rotork IB gearbox range, the NTBG design is intended for the manual or motorised operation of multi-turn gate, globe, sluice and penstock valves where the operating thrust is contained within the valve itself. The multi-turn lug drive is suitable for non-rising and rising valve stems. Housed within an environmentally sealed ductile iron enclosure, precision engineered input pinion and output bevel gears with low friction PTFE hub bearings provide an extended service life and smooth operation under high load conditions. The fully sealed enclosure is grease filled for life and certified as watertight to IP67 as standard. IP68 certification is optionally available for harsh environments including buried service duty.

Other options include auxiliary spur, bevel or two-speed input drive reducers, flexible extensions and high or low temperature trims beyond the standard -60ºC to 120ºC for maximum operational adaptability. The range of four model sizes delivers an output torque range of 250-10,000Nm. All models are available with suitably sized handwheels for manual operation or can be motorised with electric actuators.