Thursday, 14 December 2017

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Industrial Datasheets

Guided wave radar

in tar tank level application

Measurement and Instrumentation

At a manufacturer of natural smoke flavors for meat, poultry and food applications, unreliable capacitance-based level measurement devices have...

Remote I/O system

for aerosol can manufacturer

Automation and Communication

Aerosol can and touch-up applicator manufacturer Motip Dupli is using the innovative ANTARES remote I/O system at its new high-tech filling facility...

Twin screw extruder

for the production of conductive polymers

Processing Machinery

Delta Kunststoffe is using a twin screw extruder for the production of electrically conductive polymer compounds. The extruder serves to mix...

Digital airflow sensor

provide airflow ranges of 0 to 20l/m and 0 to 200l/m

Measurement and Instrumentation

Honeywell expands its Zephyr airflow sensor HAF Series portfolio with digital versions that provide airflow ranges of 0 to 20l/m and 0 to 200l/m,...

Photoelectric sensors

for hygienic and washdown environments

Measurement and Instrumentation

Banner Engineering announces the QM26 and the QMH26 photoelectric sensors, designed for food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Influenced...

Pressure transmitters

with mathematical compensation

Measurement and Instrumentation

Keller presents high precision pressure measurement technology with its Series 33 X and 35 X pressure transmitters. A floating measurement cell,...

Sulphur Dioxide sensor

utilises infrared (NDIR) absorption

Measurement and Instrumentation

smartGAS introduced the smartMODUL-FLOW sensor, which can detect sulphur dioxide (SO2) in the concentration range of 0 to 2,000ppm. The toxic...

Ultrasonic transducer

for gas flow down to 0.03m/s

Measurement and Instrumentation

The T17 ultrasonic transducer from the Sensing business of GE Measurement & Control provides accurate measurement of gas flow down to 0.03m/s...

Radar tranmsitter

offers improved level control performance

Measurement and Instrumentation

Magnetrol has launched the ECLIPSE Model 706 guided wave radar (GWR) transmitter with improved performance for a wide range of level and interface...

Soft starters

for major water pumping contracts

Medium voltage soft starters play a big role in two major water pumping contracts throughout the Middle East as part of long term infrastructure...

Blending and movement automation

for the oil and gas industry

Automation and Communication

Major oil and gas industry firms around the world are using the Blending and Movement Automation solution BMA R400.1 to improve safety, reliability...

Online corrosion monitoring

in the oil and gas industry

Measurement and Instrumentation

Real-time corrosion monitoring replaces conventional lab-based analysis, allowing plant operators to react to corrosion before it can lead to...

Bearings reduce downtime

on sludge press

A bearing customer in the paper recycling industry is benefiting from four- times bearing life and avoiding the downtime and maintenance costs...

Condition monitoring

prevents costly shut down of critical units

Automation and Communication

Remote monitoring of rotating machinery has helped BP in Azerbaijan to prevent unnecessary shut down of main oil pumps, flash gas compressors...

Coriolis flowmeters

improve response and batch cycle times

Measurement and Instrumentation

GF has reduced filling times, improved accuracy and repeatability, and enabled tighter filling tolerances for its high technology filling machines...

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