1,000,000th Pump Delivered to Customer

In May 2020 NETZSCH Pumps & Systems delivered its 1,000,000th pump from its subsidiary in Exton, USA

  • June 19, 2020
  • NETZSCH ships its 1,000,000th pump: NEMO® progressing cavity pump with hopper and integrated aBP® module
    NETZSCH ships its 1,000,000th pump: NEMO® progressing cavity pump with hopper and integrated aBP® module

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems comprises 8 production and assembly sites in Europe, China, India, South America and the USA as well as 30 sales companies and over 200 representations worldwide. It offers a portfolio of three pump technologies – the NEMO progressing cavity pump, the TORNADO rotary lobe pump and the NOTOS multi screw pump – as well as dosing technology, grinding systems and an extensive range of accessories, for use in almost any industry.

Smooth, worldwide communication as a recipe for success

The international corporate communication processes are complex. They require clear and defined coordination between the countries, so employees can support each other with a clear understanding of the company and its products and services. The 1,000,000th pump, a progressing cavity pump for dewatered sewage sludge, was developed at the company headquarters in Germany, the factory in Brazil designed and manufactured the components and the NETZSCH team in the USA was responsible for the final assembly.

The 1,000,000th pump: individually selected from a modular system

The 1,000,000th pump, a NEMO progressing cavity pump, was built for the sewage treatment plant in the city of San Mateo in northern California. The plant processes around 60 million litres of wastewater every day. In 2017, a problem occurred with the conveying of sludge cake. The double piston pumps which were previously used for transporting the dewatered sludge could not cope with the extreme requirements and a permanent, maintenance-friendly solution with lower lifetime costs was needed. The San Mateo sewage treatment plant has been a customer of NETZSCH Pumps North America for many years and was confident in approaching the pump specialist with this request. NETZSCH Pumps North America has excellent experience with pumping dewatered sludge cake and was able to obtain this order. Two large NEMO hopper pumps with attached aBP modules® — to prevent bridging of the dry sludge — will be used in San Mateo in the future. 

NEMO hopper pumps are part of the extensive NEMO range known today. It is characterised by the benefits of its modular design, the media-dependent options for shaft sealing and joints as well as the geometrically stepped sizes for the rotor and stator conveying elements.