Compact Infrared Imager

Auto hotspot finder and motor focus enable optimal use

  • Compact Infrared Imager
    Compact Infrared Imager

The new optris compact infrared camera Xi 410 combines the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers. Alongside the usual use of an IR camera with a PC and software, this camera also works fully autonomously as a smart, target-seeking pyrometer with analog/alarm output.

Auto hotspot finder for automated condition monitoring

The Xi 410 has a fast ethernet interface and can conveniently be powered via PoE. This allows simple installation – even if the distance from the PC is large. The integrated auto hotspot finder function can be used to reliably measure moving objects without having to readjust the camera. If the network connection is disrupted or there is a problem in the connected PC, the camera takes on the job fully autonomously and ensures a thorough, reliable alarm if a problem is detected. This feature makes the Xi 410 ideal for all safety-relevant applications in the fields of preventive fire safety and the condition monitoring of machines and equipment. As well as the ethernet interface, the Xi 410 also has a USB 2.0 interface for the rapid configuration of important parameters as well as direct 0/4-20 mA analog output. An external process interface can be used to forward up to 9 freely definable measurement fields as analog outputs (choice of 0/4-20 mA or 0-10 V) or emit these as an alarm via a relay, which is ideal for use in the OEM sector.

Motor focus for easier installation

Like the other two models in the Xi Series, the Xi 410 is also equipped with a motor focus that allows convenient distance focusing via the free software program PIX Connect. The camera’s resolution is 382 x 240 pixels with an image frequency of 25 Hz. The Xi 410 is calibrated for temperature measurements from -20 to 900 °C. Customers receive a ready-to-use package, including mounting nuts, mounting brackets, software, ethernet and USB connection cable.