CSB-System Helps Achieve Freshness Requirements

CBS System helped Kugler Feinkost reach efficient food production, effective quality control and comprehensive traceability, by controlling and monitoring the entire process

  • July 31, 2015
  • CSB-System Helps Achieve Freshness Requirements
    CSB-System Helps Achieve Freshness Requirements

Industry-specific software from CSB-System has enabled leading German fresh food producer Kugler Feinkost Gmbh to achieve the required high levels of efficient production, effective quality control and comprehensive traceability. The system helps control and monitor the entire process from initial customer orders to final delivery.

Based in Parsdorf and employing over 260 staff in its state-of-the-art production facility, the family-owned Kugler Feinkost produces around 10,650 tons of deli salads, antipasti and convenience products every year. Since 2004 staff and production volumes have doubled and are set to increase further. With all products created without the use of preservatives, smooth production and logistic processes are essential, since raw materials and ingredients must arrive on demand and in time. Seamless traceability is also mandatory. The CSB-System software is able to meet all these requirements.

"CSB-System's IT supports and optimizes our processes. It enables us to produce and deliver our goods in a fast, reliable and flexible manner," explains Managing Director Oliver Kugler. "If you place your orders before noon you can receive your goods the next day."

During receipt of orders, CSB-System's procurement and inventory software aids staff in serving over 1500 customers across various sales channels including telephone, EDI, e-mail and fax. The software streamlines the order entry process as employees can enter orders directly into the system allowing them to be approved for production. It also supports staff in order entry, because they can easily see on screen all relevant details about order behaviour, products, quantities, prices and inventory stocks.

The required raw materials are ordered from the vendors directly via the software. Effective product scheduling is ensured as staff can always retrieve any information related to the orders, allowing them access to all relevant details when the ordered goods are being received. The system also ensures that all the company's stringent quality tests are adhered to, as well as checking that the exact amount of goods ordered has been delivered - if there are any discrepancies, this is then automatically reflected in the amount paid to the supplier.

Each production batch has dedicated CSB-Racks; industry specific workstations with integrated scales for automatic data capture. The software precisely indicates raw materials to be used and weight specifications for each product. If an item exceeds the defined weight parameters the batch is automatically rejected and discharged from production, ensuring consistent quality control as well as optimal use of materials.

The CSB Racks facilitate efficient processing of each scheduled production step in accordance with the relevant specifications. Operators must confirm every procedure on screen for the process to continue. Item weight is rechecked on filling lines.

After filling, the system automatically generates corresponding labels and carries out inventory posting. Along with nutritional values and allergens required by the new FIR (EU Food Information for Consumers regulation), the label includes an EAN-128 code and lot number. This means that every product can be split into its raw material components, allowing Kulger Feinkost to guarantee seamless end-to-end traceability of all its products throughout the production process.

In packing, for ease of use, operators are equipped with mobile terminals alongside the CSB-Racks. They receive the orders directly to their data entry devices and process them line item by line item by scanning the EAN-128 code on the products. Simultaneously the software documents all stock entries, automatically generating delivery notes and invoices.

What is particularly important for Kugler is that all data is captured and processed at origin, meaning there is no need for manual input multiple times or at different places.

"Our distinct profile in terms of on-demand production of daily fresh convenience products only works if the IT system is highly integrated and supports all processes," concludes Oliver Kugler.