Diaphragm pumps prove best

in asbestos decontamination units

  • Diaphragm pumps prove best
    Diaphragm pumps prove best

Diaphragm pumps offer a solution for water-processing decontamination shower trailers.

Specialist asbestos services company Air Management Systems (AMS) found the pumping solution to a vital safety application by installing Aquatec 5503-1F01-V706 pumps from Becktech in its water-processing decontamination shower trailers after various competitor units experienced repeated field failures.

Each AMS shower unit has an Aquatec 230V pump spraying hot water to decontaminate operatives and another one to recycle water from the shower tray through a two-stage filtration system before pumping it to drain free of asbestos contamination.

These diaphragm pumps were also selected after proving able to withstand arduous duties according to Scott Relf of AMS, including high water temperature and high suction requirements, heavy duty cycling and possible debris.  He also said that they show significant cost savings by eliminating unnecessary service visits.

Other benefits included off-the-shelf availability and the Aquatec pressure switch functioning as a standby fail-safe device.  Self-priming and able to run dry, the pump’s motor has a thermal protector that limits its shell temperature to 63ºC for user safety, optimal performance and maximum operating life.

AMS manufactures products to safely manage hazardous materials including decontamination units and trailers, filtered airflow systems, respiratory equipment and protective wear, plus equipment hire and decommissioning of dangerous asbestos installations.