Dual Input 2-Wire HART Transmitter

Accurate temperature measurement with redundancy

  • Dual Input 2-Wire HART Transmitter
    Dual Input 2-Wire HART Transmitter

PR electronics’ new PR 5437 features a unique high-density 7-terminal design, providing a wide selection of dual-sensor input combinations on the market. From 2 x 4-wire RTDs to potentiometer inputs, there is no longer any compromise on sensor types. It allows customers to protect high-integrity process measurements, e.g. in flare stacks or reactors, with an automatic backup in the event of primary sensor failure, while continuously checking on the validity of process values. It also provides the best accuracy, stability and reliability across a wider ambient temperature range of -50°C…+85°C.

SIL 3 safety assessment

Additionally, sensor redundancy and drift detection ensure maximum uptime and process validity, while NAMUR NE107 compliance makes for easier process diagnostics and preventative maintenance scheduling. A full IEC 61508-2010 functional safety assessment up to SIL 3 means that the PR 5437 can also be trusted to perform in the most critical safety applications. Furthermore, patented technologies and innovative design ensure not only high performance, but also protects investment long into the future.