Emergency Pressure Relief Vents Enardo 2000

This smart wirelessly-monitored technology provides safety control by managing abnormally high storage tank pressures

  • by Emerson
  • June 24, 2016
  • Emergency Pressure Relief Vents Enardo 2000
    Emergency Pressure Relief Vents Enardo 2000

Abnormally high storage tank pressures in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries can be safely controlled and managed thanks to Enardo 2000, the wirelessly-monitored emergency pressure relief vents (EPRVs).

Under normal operating conditions, an EPRV remains closed. The immediate knowledge of an open position can be vital and should warrant quick investigation. However, because these EPRVs are located on top of storage tanks, they are difficult to monitor. Site managers are increasingly looking for ways to increase safety and efficiencies.

A Smart Design

The new product design consists of a proximity indicator and wireless transmitter integrated with an EPRV. The proximity indicator senses movement of the emergency vent. ‘Open’ or ‘closed’ signals are received by the wireless transmitter and can be sent to a control room via a WirelessHART® gateway.

“Though EPRVs represent the last line of defence against tank overpressure, they have largely remained unmonitored,” said Steve Attri, product manager for Emerson Process Management. “Along with the recent introduction of wirelessly-monitored pressure vacuum relief vents (PVRVs), more information is now available to quickly identify and resolve pressure issues that can impact safety and emissions.”

For more information, visit www.EmersonProcess.com/smarteprv.