Ergonomics, Handling and new Design

Fulfilling customer needs in pharmaceutical processing and beyond

  • Mini Duk handling system for small loads
    Mini Duk handling system for small loads
  • Ergonomics, Handling and new Design
    Ergonomics, Handling and new Design
  • DUK system allows the complete discharge of the product.
    DUK system allows the complete discharge of the product.
  • Bag breaker hopper for crushing dust
    Bag breaker hopper for crushing dust
  • Blades of the HR Crusher unit
    Blades of the HR Crusher unit

The experience of over 30 years of activity, developing a deep know-how in the various pharmaceutical processes, makes CO.RA. a supplier specialized in connection systems and interface between machine A and machine B, which ensure the customer a high solution quality and specific assistance based on needs. The thirty-year tradition in pharmaceutical solid handling allows CO.RA. to guarantee products according to the most stringent regulatory standards (FDA, ATEX, CE). The design, development and construction are completely Made in Italy.

Also this year, the company from Altopascio (LU) took part in the 59th AFI Symposium, which was held in Rimini from 5 to 7 June 2019. This edition entitled “Innovation and globalization strategies for the pharmaceutical industry” was an important meeting and discussion point for the various exponents of the pharmaceutical sector, who were able to discuss the news in progress and strategies to cope with the changes. The strategies to be adopted with a view to innovation and globalization were the leitmotif of the 17 scientific sessions, designed to offer an up-to-date overview of the main areas of activity carried out by those who work in research, development, production, control and distribution of medicines and medical devices.

Devices for weighing and handling

With the focus on the customer needs for an economical, light and manageable system, CO.RA. has developed the MINI DUK mobile or fixed for lifting/moving small loads. This machine is able to lift and move loads such as drums, pharmaceutical bins or process machines (pneumatic transport) with a maximum weight of 70 kg.

It is manually operated and has no source of energy other than human, both for the lifting phase and for movement to various areas, simply by pushing it. It has also been built in compliance with the precautions necessary for use in pharmaceutical and food environments. Even the already known CO.RA. DUK has a new design, with a fixed base and a slimmer, more ergonomic structure to be more easily placed in the room with less impact in terms of space.

There is also the DUK model equipped with specific load cells that constantly detect and monitor the weight of the container during the spill, allowing constant monitoring of the quantity of product discharged and remotely modulating the residual quantity of product in the tank to be sent to the machine by filling.

A bag breaker hopper for crushing dust

By refining the experience in the sector and experimenting with a deeper knowledge in close contact with the operators who daily interact with the process equipment, CO.RA. seeks to improve their systems, components and applications, to make them increasingly suitable for use in the field.

Among the new applications introduced on the market in the last two years we describe a bag breaker hopper system, made for the first crushing of agglomerated powders previously collected in bags.

The system is also composed of an HR Crusher positioned on the hopper discharge mouth and which has the function of further crushing and shredding the product lumps that can be transported in the next phase of the production process through a pneumatic conveying system. These systems are all equipped with safety devices that block the operation of the machine.

High-efficiency Crusher

  • The HR Crusher system allows to break up agglomerated powders that have formed during the production and/or storage phase and is the ideal solution for breaking hygroscopic or packing products. The system is composed of a tree equipped with knives that break the lump passing through a fixed comb. HR Crusher is designed so that it can be positioned inside product loading or unloading pipes for emptying drums, hoppers, bins, etc. It is built with materials suitable for contact with chemical/pharmaceutical and nutraceutical/ food products: AISI 316L, PTFE or PEK (compliant with the FDA standard). The parts that do not come into contact with the product such as the casing of the electric motor or the control panel are made of AISI 304. The surface finishes are generally polished inside and external satin finish, but they can vary according to customers’ requests. It is implemented by a variable speed electric motor for versatile use. It can also be installed in ATEX environments with 0/20 classification.