Services Around Your Bulk and Solids Project

A holistic approach on customer support for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Attention to details, from design to selection of materials and the manufacturing process of a machine
    Attention to details, from design to selection of materials and the manufacturing process of a machine
  • Is everything going as expected? Extensive testing is important to achieve the best for the customer.
    Is everything going as expected? Extensive testing is important to achieve the best for the customer.
  • Smart remote processes are an important addition to the portfolio.
    Smart remote processes are an important addition to the portfolio.

Talking about assistance today more than ever, it has become for CO.RA. the main objective to assist all customers where they need it.

More and more CO.RA. offers a 360° service guarantee: to be ready at all times to intervene, remotely or on site, with specialist technicians that assist the customer to choose the right solution, with tests in the company’s technology center and during installation or with the start-up with CO.RA. qualified servicemen. Also staff training performed by CO.RA. servicemen is on the list of possible services. The usual lead time for technical assistance is within 48 hours from report of the problem. Sharing proposals, solutions and technologies with customers to transform projects into reality, is important opportunities for growth, which made the company one of the leaders in the field since its founding in the 80ies.


Today CO.RA. can boast of a vast experience in the supply of Integrated Systems and Turnkey Plants for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.
The staff is able to guarantee all customers
360° services, providing established and/or experimental technologies, technical competence, reliability and collaboration: necessary ingredients that go beyond the supply of a simple plant.
Despite the current situation, that is our context, CO.RA., through suitable technological tools, is also present for its customers abroad, through remote assistance
solutions and remote qualification
tests, with SMART solutions within reach of each device. 

The attention to detail, which the staff puts in the foreground, has given rise to the creation of a plant designed, built and qualified in accordance with cGMP principles. Only with an HMI panel it is now possible to define a recipe, monitor the main operating parameters and control four coordinated dosing lines to create a single bulk.  

In particular, the control system was programmed and customized according to the specific needs of the customer and in consideration of the aspects of data integrity.

The plant consists of 4 stations, each of them complete with STERI LIFT, HR CRUSHER, BAG EMPTYING, DOSING SYSTEM and BIN.

Each station allows the loading and dosing of an ingredient which, mixed with the others in subsequent processes, will formulate the finished product. The BIN will be automatically moved by the system to receive the quantity of product foreseen in the recipe set by the general control panel. Once the fourth station is reached, the BIN is automatically returned to the starting point, ready to be transported to the next processing step.

The qualification activities were performed remotely with the help of high-quality equipment and professional and specialized staff.


CO.RA is able to offer complete service packages to their customers, from choosing the best solution, to installation and after-sales assistance.

Some of the main activities are:

• Analysis and verification of user, P&I and customer technical specifications;
• Meeting and technical inspection to define the project;
• Design and proposal of a Customized Technical Solution;
• Drafting of specifications and documents necessary for the realization of the project;
• Realization of verification and tests at the CO.RA. Technology Center with customer products;
• Installation and SAT at the customer site;
• IQ and OQ protocols, use and maintenance manuals complete with certifications;
• TECHNICAL TRAININIG for personnel training, in presence or in SMART mode;
• Technical assistance in presence or in SMART mode;
• Scheduled maintenance;
• Spare parts replacement planning;
• Management of complaints and reports of anomalies.


All CO.RA. components and systems are completely made of certified stainless steel, designed according to the European referenced standard for lifting loads, according to the lifting regulations and according to the FDA regulations, ideal for use in sterile environments and in compliance with cGMP recommendations (Current Good Manufacturing Practice). Complete traceability of components is guaranteed thanks to laser engraving directly
on the steel


As per all CO.RA. products, all components have related certification and documentations for the following are offered upon request: Surface roughness certificate, functional specification, operation & maintenance manual, Layout, EC certificate of conformity, FAT & SAT records, IQ & OQ records and Declaration of suitability for ATEX environments.


CO.RA. was founded in 1989 in Altopascio, a Town near Lucca in Italy. The company started as a supplier of components to connect machine “A” to machine “B” in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. During the more than 30 years of activity the company and staff of experts gained experience and specialized know-how to offer customers a complete service in the SOLID HANDLING process. The staff is composed of researchers, production designers, engineers and customer service team. 

The 30+ years of tradition in chemical and pharmaceutical SOLID HANDLING allow CO.RA.® to guarantee its products based on strict norms (FDA, ATEX). Design and development manufacturing are completely based in Altopascio. CO.RA.® has left a trail of success that customers follow with trust - many of which we have been serving for more than 20 years.
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