Ex-protected Signalling Devices

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Audible, visual and combined devices with integrated line monitoring for synchronisation

Explosion Protection & Safety

Ex-protected Signalling Devices
Ex-protected Signalling Devices

With YODALEX/2, the explosion protection specialist R. STAHL has elevated its successful YODALEX signalling device range, certified according to IECEx and ATEX, to a new level of performance. The visual, audible and combined signal units in the new generation stand out thanks to their expanded range of functions, which have been standardised for all device series, significantly increasing their versatility in use. For the visual and visual-audio signalling devices in the FL60, FL6S, FX15, YL60 and YL6S signalling devices, the manufacturer has now launched multi-functional LED flashing beacons with an efficient luminous intensity up to 387 cd, joining its xenon-based versions, which boast a significantly increased, efficient light intensity of 136 cd. This performance data makes the signalling devices unique on the market.

Various signalling patterns

All LED variants can be operated in any model and in the continuous, flashing, blinking and all-round lighting controllable signal modes. An extensive selection of pre-configured functions make it simple for users to set their required signal levels. These include full or dimmed continuous light, blinking at 1 Hz, 1.5 Hz or 2 Hz, and single, double or triple flashing light at frequencies of 1 Hz or 2 Hz. Pre-configured functions are also available for rotating lights at speeds of 90, 120 or 180 rpm and for chaotic light. The audio signalling devices in the YA60, YA6S, YL60 and YL6S series now feature four controllable sound levels, which can be chosen from 32 pre-configured (PFEER/UKOOA-compliant) signal sounds. Step-by-step reduction of the sound pressure level by up to 18 dB (A) enables the audio signalling devices to be adjusted to perfectly suit customer-specific conditions and applications. All series are equipped with integrated line monitoring; furthermore, the audible and visual variants with LED lighting ensure that all signals are synchronised across devices.

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