Hazard protection solutions

- audible and visual signalling devices

  • by R. STAHL
  • December 8, 2011
  • Hazard protection solutions
    Hazard protection solutions

R. Stahl's portfolio of warning systems for hazardous areas contains Xenon and LED signal beacons with “Ex d” ignition protection (flameproof enclosure), intrinsically safe LED status beacons and traffic lights, flashing beacons, horns and robust manual call points that are available in Break Glass and Push Button versions.

The Yodalex series for instance includes the YA60 horn, the FL60 beacon and the innovative YL60 combination unit, which integrates a sounder and beacon in a uniquely designed single enclosure. The YA60 horn has a maximum sound output of 110 dB at one meter, with a two stage audible facility that can be chosen from a sound selection consisting of 32 internationally recognised tones. The patented acoustic hood of the YA60 & YL60 ensures an omnidirectional sound emission, unique to the Yodalex range. In case of danger, the FL60 beacon activates a high-intensity flash ranging from 5 through to 20 Joules, at a frequency of one per second.

Made from flame-retardant polycarbonate, the beacon lenses are available in seven different colours and feature a steel guard, as standard. Products for safe areas include the Clifford & Snell range of electronic sounders and beacons such as the FL40 Xenon strobes and LED flashing and status beacons, as well as the Yodalarm and Yodalight sounders, beacons and combination units. These combine a sounder with a maximum output of 120 dB at one meter with a strobe that is available in a range of Joule outputs, voltage options and lens colours.