LED Replacement for Fluorescent Lamps

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2x58 W five-foot replacement segments for Ex-Zones

Explosion Protection & Safety

LED Replacement for Fluorescent Lamps
LED Replacement for Fluorescent Lamps

R. STAHL has rounded off its LED EXLUX range with the addition of the Series 6002/4 linear luminaires for use in Ex Zones 1/21 and 2/22. R. STAHL now offers a fully-fledged LED replacement for 2x58 W fluorescent lamps in five-foot-long segments, which can replace fluorescent light fittings with no need for recabling work and no loss of light or illumination quality compared to conventional versions. The standardised type of construction and optional DALI interface reduce installation work to a minimum when upgrading existing lighting systems to long-lasting, energy-saving LED technology. The disturbing, non-comfortable glare effects that could be created by LED products are avoided, thanks to the use of covers with perfect diffusion properties – glare has been completely eliminated, even when the luminaires are wall-mounted at eye level.

Extended guarantee period

The LED luminaires are available with a warm white, neutral white or cold white colour temperature as required, in versions for general lighting, as built-in battery-operated emergency luminaires, or with an additional address module that enables connection to the R. STAHL central battery system. When it comes to system modernisation, LED-based products are replacing conventional technology in fit, form and function on the basis of their almost identical luminous intensity distribution curve, luminous flux and dimensions. All LED light fittings come with a five-year guarantee as standard, which can be extended to seven years on request. Furthermore, the manufacturer can provide comprehensive support regarding the design of lighting systems and emergency lighting, as well as qualified lighting design that takes applicable EU standards into account.

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