Ex p enclosure

for printers in hazardous areas

  • Ex p enclosure
    Ex p enclosure

R. STAHL provides a standard printer within a newly developed Ex p enclosure (type of protection “pressurized enclosure”) which enables printing in hazardous areas. A door on the front side allows users to remove the printed labels without having to switch off the printer. Moreover, the enclosure features a side door and a slide-out bottom with a handle, thereby ensuring easy access for maintenance.

The type of protection Ex p is provided by first flushing out existing explosive gases from a closed casing and then creating and maintaining a positive internal pressure in relation to the surrounding atmosphere. Due to the higher pressure within the enclosure, explosive gases from the surrounding atmosphere cannot enter at any time. The right combination of purge gas flow, enclosure dimensions and size of the front door creates a safe zone all around the standard printer which would otherwise act as an electrical and thermal ignition source.

Thanks to this degree of protection, it is therefore not strictly necessary to observe the maximum energy consumption when selecting a printer model or consider other important explosion protection factors. Moreover, this Ex p enclosure provides further benefits regarding ease of use: larger windows, for instance, are an optional feature that ensures a better view of the printer display inside the enclosure. The enclosure solution's flexible dimensions, which allow for the use of larger printers or larger labels, are another advantages.