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    Flow monitor

Meister Strömungstechnik's model series RVM/UA-2 of compact, high-pressure flow monitors with integrated flow indicators, serves not only to electrically monitor limit values, it was developed specifically for applications in which the volume flow is to be indicated also.
The high pressure flow monitors have a length of only 90mm. The mechanical indicator is extremely robust and reliably displays the actual volume flow at all times, without requiring an auxiliary power supply. In the standard version, the flow monitors are employable up to operating temperatures of 120°C; the high temperature versions up to 160°C. The maximum operating pressure for the brass housing is 250bar, and 300bar for the stainless steel version.
Eight standard measuring ranges are available; the smallest from 0.02 – 2l/min, the largest from 8 - 30l/min. If electrical flow monitoring is desired, the switch point can be set by the operator anywhere within the measuring range. Through the installation of a spring, which returns the float to its inital position, the flowmeters can be operated in any orientation. For electrical monitoring, the floats are equipped with magnets, which energize a reed contact housed separately along side the flow monitor body. Switch contacts are available as normally open or change over. The contacts are completely sealed within the housing and, depending on the connection used, (plug socket or cable), a protection class if IP 65 or IP 67 may be obtained