New Flow Monitors

with bypass for large volume flow

  • New Flow Monitors
    New Flow Monitors

Meister Stroemungstechnik presents a new series of float equipped flow monitors that is particularly suited for monitoring large volume flows. The series WBM-65 was developed for applications, where electrical limit monitoring of large volume flows is required, but monitoring by means of electronic measurement methods is not possible or too complicated.
The WBM-65 devices use the mechanical float principle with all its benefits. They excel through rapid reaction times, reliability and robustness. For electrical monitoring the piston-shaped floats are equipped with magnets controlling a reed contact attached outside the housing. This contact is installed in a moulded switch-gear housing that ensures compliance with protection class IP65 or IP67, depending on the selected connection-type (connector or cable). The reed contact does not require an additional power supply.
The integrated return spring allows installation of the device in any position. To minimize pressure loss, the device is equipped with an integrated bypass. Through this mean, the flow monitor has a maximum pressure loss of 0.3 bar for flow within its measuring range. At the same time, the compact design and robustness of the device is preserved. The standard version can be used up to 100°C, whereas the high-temperature version can be operated at up to 180°C. The burst strength depends on the flanges used. For high-pressure applications, a version with threaded connections is available on request.
The switch point can be set within a range from 6 to 23m3/h. The value required by the customer is preset and tested on a test stand at the factory. In addition to the version for water and watery media, Meister also offers a version for oils. Besides the standard contacts, explosion-protected switching contacts according to ATEX are available.