Mechanical Flow Meters

For precise flow monitoring under difficult conditions

  • Mechanical Flow Meters
    Mechanical Flow Meters

For applications where precision flow monitoring is needed under very difficult conditions, Meister designed a new series of mechanical flow meters which are ideally suited for monitoring large flows.
The SC-250H and SC-250V series instruments are new, enhanced versions based on the proven SC-250. Because a return spring is provided for the float, the meters can be mounted in a variety of positions to further expand the application envelope.
The SC-250H and SC-250V flow meters offer all of the advantages of mechanical float technology. They feature fast response time, high reliability and rugged construction. Other types of measurement are often technically impossible in hard situations or must be excluded for cost reasons.
Because a return spring is provided for the float, the meters can be mounted into machines and systems in a variety of positions to save space.
SC-250H series meters are intended for installation in horizontal pipes, while the SC-250V is designed to be mounted in a vertical orientation in particular with the flow from the top down.
The flow meters have high temperature tolerance. Depending on the version, they withstand media temperatures up to 300°C or even 400°C with thermal isolation. Stainless steel design is a standard feature of the meters which have high chemical resistance to a large variety of flow media.
A number of different plastic versions are also available. The momentary flow is shown on a display instrument mounted on the outside which responds to permanent magnets in the float and is hermetically separated from the medium. The smallest measurement range for water is 10 - 100 l/h with the largest being 6,000 - 60,000 l/h. Scales for other fluids, air and gases are available on request.
Media-specific scales are supplied at no extra charge. Limit value contacts or analogue transmitters can be built into the display housing for electric monitoring. The flow meters are available in nominal sizes between DN 15 and DN 80.
They come with flange process connections, and other types of connection can be supplied as well. Besides the standard versions, Meister can also supply special versions of the SC-250H and SC-250V series flow meters.