Plastic flow meters

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  • Plastic flow meters
    Plastic flow meters

With the KM-335 series devices, Meister Strömungstechnik offers flow meters with a tube length of 335mm that are easier to install in many existing lines without loss in terms of the measurement ranges covered. They are identical to the KM-350 series flow meters which have a tube length of 350mm, and both series now allow for the measurement and monitoring of flows of 50 l/h to 60,000 l/h. For smaller flows, Meister supplies its series KM-165, KM-185 and KM-200 models with flows of 1.5l/h to 1,000l/h.

Thanks to the use of chemically resistant plastics, such as PVC, PSU, PA and PVDF, for measuring tubes and
floats, these devices can be employed for a large selection of liquid and gaseous media. The choice of material is determined according to the specific media and takes the operating conditions into account. All parts that come in contact with the media are made of plastic. For the process connection, the user can choose from a range of connection options – from adhesive sleeves through screw threaded sleeves in different materials.

In addition to monitoring flows visually, electrical monitoring is also possible. The contacts available for these devices for the monitoring of minimum and maximum flow limits are bistable normally closed contacts or normally open contacts. Analog output for the KM-335 and KM-350 series are available, which emits an analog current signal, thus allowing the user to monitor flows continuously.