Flow monitors

for wind power generators

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    Flow monitors

Flow monitors from Meister Strömungstechnik are designed for a wide range of applications in the field of regenerative energy production and therefore make an important contribution to putting the change in energy policy into practice.

The devices of the DKM series are made for monitoring the lubrication of gear units in wind power generators. In wind power generators, fluctuating temperatures can cause the viscosity of the lubrication oil to vary, therefore the requirements to be met by the monitoring devices are particularly high.

Based on the float measuring principle, DKM flow monitors are designed to reliably monitor preset flow limits even where the viscosity fluctuates. So the kinematic viscosity of the oil being monitored can therefore vary within a range of 30 to 600 cSt.

The devices are of particularly rugged design and also offer high pressure and temperature resistance. Depending on the specific version, they can be used for pressures of up to 350 bar and temperatures of up to 160°C.

Thanks to their compact design, with lengths ranging from 90 to 152mm, the devices only take up minimal space. They come with an integrated return spring for easy space-saving installation in the gear unit of the turbine, thereby enabling flexible orientation.

The flow limits are monitored electrically by a reed contact located outside the flow in an encapsulated housing which is actuated by magnets in the float. Protection classes IP65 or IP67 are offered, depending on the type of connection.

A wide range of versions are available to cover flow rates ranging from 0.5 to 110 l/min, and users can set the flow limits to their own specific requirements within the measuring range. The devices of the DKM/A series have a mechanical indicator which also allows the flow to be monitored visually.