Food industry mixer

meets high demands on hygiene and cleaning

  • by Gericke
  • May 18, 2010
  • Food industry mixer
    Food industry mixer

GMS Multiflux mixers by Gericke make a fluidised bed with its two horizontal, overlapping mixing rotors. As the mixing process is based on the exchange of particles by means of convective mixing, this principle is very suitable for the blending of bulk materials and ensures gentle handling and meets growing demands on hygiene and cleaning in the food industry. The GMS C. mixer offers two shafts that are cantilevered. This construction does reduce the number of seals in direct contact with the product by 50%. Thanks to the onesided bearing the front side of the mixer can be opened up completely or in the case of the GMS ECD the whole drive unit and the mixing rotors can be taken out of the body. Large lateral doors make for easy access to the mixing chamber for cleaning. Reliable and robust food grade stuffing boxes are available in the basic execution. In the high end version, a hypergienic sealing allows dismantling without tools and total access to the shafts.