Four Finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize

This year's edition of the Swedish prize rewording creative, innovative products or solutions that utilize high-strength steel attracted the highest number of applications from the heavy transportation industry

  • October 21, 2015
  • Four Finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize
    Four Finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize

This year's four finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize have in common the development of bold and innovative solutions using the full potential of high-strength steels. The winner will be announced during the ceremony in Stockholm on November 19.

"This year, the 17th consecutive year of the prize, we received a total of 77 applications from 28 countries. The aim of the prize is to reward innovative and creative products and solutions. All the steel applications are highly competitive internationally. It is great to see inspiring new solutions where high-strength steel is a prerequisite. Also many familiar products have been redesigned for higher performance, which shows that innovative engineers always can find room for improvement. The broad spectrum and high standard of applications show, that this prize plays an important role in the industry", says jury chairman Gregoire Parenty, SSAB's Executive Vice President and Head of Market Development.

The competition attracted the highest number of applications from the heavy transportation industry, although entries were submitted from a broad spectrum of segments. Four finalists have been nominated for innovatively using the potential of high-strength steels in their products. The finalists are:

Facil System, sugar cane shredder knives, Brazil

The new sugar cane shredder knives developed by Facil Systems have been bolted spirally onto the support at the axles. The solution saves energy and considerably prolongs the service life of the knives. Founded in 1986, Facil Systems is based in the São Paolo region, but its products are not only sold in Brazil, but also exported to the rest of South America and to India.

Milotek Pty Ltd, rail transportation system, South Africa

Milotek has developed a completely new type of rail transportation system for heavy transportation. The Futran System is a new, environmentally aware, suspended transportation system that provides a cost-effective, flexible alternative to traditional rail, truck, conveyor belt and even underground mine haulage systems, for example.

Ponsse Plc, forest harvester, Finland

Founded in 1970 in Vieremä, Finland, Ponsse has systematically developed and launched a new generation of forest harvesters (Ponsse Scorpion),which benefits from the use of high-strength steels in, for example, the design of the chassis, crane arms and cutter heads. Ponsse has particularly focused on operator ergonomics.

TEREX Cranes Germany, adaptable crane section (Boom Booster), Germany

Terex has innovated an adaptable crane section kit, the Boom Booster, to give its CC 8800-1 crane significantly increased lifting performance. The Boom Booster is attached as the lower part of the main boom of the crane and can also extend crane reach. High-strength steels are used in the Booster's cross-section solution.

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