Intelligent valve technology

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Intelligent valve technology
Intelligent valve technology
Intelligent valve technology
Intelligent valve technology

Shell’s largest petrochemicals investment to date, the so-called Houdini project in Singapore uses the latest technology, intelligence and diagnostic potential on the pneumatically operated on/off valves.

Shell Eastern Petrochemicals Complex (SEPC) project in Singapore is the company’s largest petrochemicals investment to date and its second world-scale petrochemicals project within Asia in four years. The project was announced successfully completed in May 2010. According to the Houdini project plan, each of the new chemical production units has started up. The world-scale ethylene cracker complex started up in March 2010, and one of the world’s largest monoethylene glycol plants started production in November 2009. The project also includes modifications to the Shell Pulau Bukom Refinery, enabling it to process a wider range of crudes to supply feedstock to the cracker. A new ethylene jetty and cryogenic terminal enable the import and export of ethylene.

All pneumatically operated on/off valves in the project are equipped with Neles ValvGuard VG9F intelligent safety valve controllers, as mandatory, instead of conventional solenoid valves and limit switches. This technology-based pneumatically operated on/off valve set-up was applied for the first time on such scale anywhere in the world.

Mr. Peter Beerepoot (Shell ECC Project, Manager Process Automation Group and Instrumentation) is very satisfied with the decision to use ValvGuard throughout the Houdini project. “Yes, there is always a risk in using a new product on such a scale, but we were convinced of the advantages the valve controller offered. Houdini was a complex project, but the end result speaks for itself. We started the plant up with no major hiccups in just 29 days, which was most satisfactory.”

The new plant is set up for the FOUNDATION Fieldbus using the FDT/DTM technology. Metso’s delivery scope includes Neles ball valves, high-performance triple eccentric disc valves, V-port segment valves, eccentric rotary-plug valves and pneumatic cylinder actuators, as well as Jamesbury ball valves, butterfly valves and pneumatic actuators. Some 3rd party valve products were provided in order to provide a ‘Total Project Approach’ from one vendor.

The contribution to the project includes some 1,350 valve assemblies with new technology, comprising 528 on/off valves, 653 emergency shut-down (ESD) valves, 93 control valves, including low db and anti-cavitation Q-trim models, 33 high rate and low rate de-pressurizing valves and 51 manually operated valves. Sizes range from 0.5”-72”. Pressure ratings range from ANSI Class 150, 300 and 600 to 1500. The temperature range is from high to cryogenic. The project fully follows Shell’s specifications, including fugitive emission requirements.
The Neles ValvGuard VG9F intelligent safety valve controllers on all pneumatically operated on/off valves enables the plant to carry out full diagnostics on all on/off valves via the DCS asset management system. The Neles ValvGuard VG9F is connected to the safety system and the FOUNDATION Fieldbus DCS system for full diagnostics and configuration.
At the Shell Houdini project, Metso site teams of around 20 people were working at full speed to support the commissioning and start-up activities. For such projects provides global key-account management support and in-house engineering support for EPC contractors are provided. Additionally, support for package-unit suppliers’ projects is provided all over the world, as well as project execution support and site project management services.

Edited by: Constanze Schmitz

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