Intelligent valve controllers

for petrochemical company in China

  • Intelligent valve controllers
    Intelligent valve controllers

Sino-Venezuela Guangdong Petrochemical Company has ordered 4000 intelligent valve controllers for its 20 million ton-per-year, heavy crude processing project. The order includes standard, intrinsically safe, and explosion-proof models.

The Sino-Venezuela Guangdong Petrochemical Company oil refinery project with a 5km2 footprint is slated to process 20 million tons of heavy crude annually with 29 processing units, a 300,000-ton crude oil terminal and a 30,000- to 50,000-ton product terminal.

Metso has a long track record of delivering engineered performance and reliability to the oil & gas industry. Metso has delivered globally millions of valves, control valves and on-off valves, and has become one of the leading suppliers of intelligent valve controllers.

Tang Yezhu, Area Sales Manager, Metso Automation says: "The ND product series models come with online diagnostic functionality and a wide capacity range. It is also possible to use the same type of positioner with single- and double-acting actuators, linear actuators, and rotary actuators. These are the three technical advantages that put us ahead of the pack."

"Online diagnostics enables predictive maintenance, so Metso's customers save money by making the right maintenance decisions. Thanks to high pneumatic capacity, less extra instrumentation is needed, which both saves on investment costs and improves reliability during the run time of the plant. By being able to use the same device with single- and double-acting as well as linear and rotary actuators, customers can keep the spare device inventory low," Yezhu continues.

To ensure smooth operation of the positioners at the site of installation, Metso will provide its client with a comprehensive suite of technical services, including on-site technical training. Service engineers will be available to oversee the controller installation, and Metso will also work with the DCS supplier to handle installation and to debug the valve management software. In the early stages of operation, Metso Automation will be at the refinery to ensure a smooth deployment of the controllers. Metso will also provide routine maintenance services once operations commence.