Interface Devices IMX12

With high signal density, speed and accuracy

  • Interface Devices IMX12
    Interface Devices IMX12

Turck is presenting at the Achema fair the IMX12 device series, a new generation of Ex isolated barriers and Ex analog signal isolators. With its compact and slim 12.5 mm housing, the device series offers maximum signal density. This now enables 2-channel temperature measuring amplifiers in 4-wire PT100 circuits to be implemented via up to four 2-pole terminals - each on the Ex and non-Ex side.

Besides the signal density, the IMX12 devices stand out on account of their speed, accuracy and flexibility. The IMX12-DI isolating switching amplifier offers maximum values in terms of speed.

Even input frequencies, which were previously the reserve of special frequency transducers, can be transferred reliably. With up to 15,000 Hz, measured values can be optimally resolved and allow precise measuring without the negative effect of a signal conversion.

The developers have given special consideration to the increased requirements with regard to precision: The new electronic design enables the effects of factors such as temperature or voltage fluctuations to be reduced on the IMX12-AI Ex analog signal isolator.

The effect of the interface device on the overall performance of a complete measuring circuit is thus considerably less than usual. The devices of the IMX12 series can be used seamlessly in a range from 10 to 30 VDC. This opens up new possibilities, for example, with a battery or PV current supply.

The devices are fully developed and certified in compliance with the requirements of IEC61508 and can thus be used in functional safety loops up to SIL2. All device types have also been individually tested and approved according to the important international Ex standards.