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The Macofar LF 200 product family for filling liquids into bottles was developed by Romaco in response to the sector’s growing demand for high-speed machines. When installed in an in-line configuration with the Promatic PC 4200 continuous motion cartoner, the machine achieves a maximum output of 200 bottles a minute. The technology is suited for processing pharmaceutical liquids of almost any viscosity.

The Macofar LF 200 can be used to handle bottles 16 to 90 mm in diameter and 35 to 200 mm in height with a filling volume of 0.5 to 500 ml. The transport system which transfers the containers through the individual stations on the line can be adjusted quickly and easily to different packaging dimensions and designs. Downtimes for changing the product are therefore reduced to a minimum. All parts of this compact machine are optimally accessible and simple to clean. Several possible dosing systems and pumps allow greater flexibility.

The technology also provides a number of options regarding the closure system. Plastic or aluminium screw caps can be fitted with various inserts such as pipettes or sprays. The cap feeding system is mounted extremely ergonomically, so that the feeding and changeover processes are now far more straightforward. The Macofar LF 200’s cGMP-compliant balcony design moreover rules out cross-contamination of all kinds.