Toothed colloid mill

for hygienic industries

  • Toothed colloid mill
    Toothed colloid mill

The toothed colloid mills in the FrymaKoruma MZ series are especially suitable for wet grinding foods as well as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical applications. The milling system is suited for example, for producing soy milk, fruit juices, tablet coatings, make-up and agrochemicals.

Coarse, standard and cross-toothed tools grind each product – from liquids to highly viscous suspensions and emulsions – to exactly the right particle size. The axial milling gap between the rotor and stator can be infinitely adjusted. The toothed colloid mill achieves particle sizes of 0.5 to 0.1 millimetres and a throughput of between 4000 and 40,000 litres an hour depending on the product type.

The conical milling space prevents residues from the production process from accumulating inside. The engineers responsible for designing the mill paid particular attention to eliminating all dead spaces such as gaps, corners or slots from the interior. The FrymaKoruma MZ is shipped either as an open hopper milling system or as an in-line model.