Mature oil and gas fields

Monetising Mature Fields 2014 Summit

  • July 17, 2014
  • Mature oil and gas fields
    Mature oil and gas fields

Although the attention of the international oil and gas industry is focusing on unconventional resources lately, the potential of the redevelopment of mature oil and gas fields, which can often be overlooked, is the industry’s game-changer, with the oil giants looking for technologies that will enhance their post-peak production.

Indeed, the optimization of mature assets’ production, presenting low-risk opportunities due to low initial costs and safer ROI, looks like the new profitable deal for the oil and gas industry, definitely to consider. Oil companies have been concerned about oil waste for many years, and now, EOR technologies are giving them the only option to avoid a continued struggle to obtain a social and governmental license to operate, contrary to unconventional exploitation.

Global experts in the field will gather for the Monetising Mature Fields 2014 Summit, taking place in Dubai on 28th-29th October, to assess techniques and technological advancements required to access remaining oil and gas, and optimize production capacity. Experts will discuss their experience which has proven that mature field redevelopment prospects require lower capital investment for increased likelihood of pay-out.

The timely event will include joint operator-service provider case studies; best practices from North America, Europe and the Middle East; interactive panel debates, as well as several networking intervals. The Summit will address four main themes to look at mature field strategies in more detail and consider the new opportunities around:

    Expanding the economic life-cycle of mature producing fields
    Expanding and managing an existing mature asset portfolio
    Mature field development methods and latest technologies
    Managing risk in mature asset development