Metso DNA automation system

to be delivered for entire pulp mill in India

  • December 13, 2011
  • Metso DNA automation system
    Metso DNA automation system

Metso will supply a Metso DNA automation system, various measurement solutions and analyzers to BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited's (BGPPL) pulp mill in Ballarshah, India. The main process equipment was relocated from Metsä-Botnia's Kaskinen pulp mill that was closed down in Finland in 2009. The pulp mill in India will be started up in 2012. As part of a mill modernization plan at Ballarshah, a new fiber line and new recovery island area are being installed.

"We have a long association with Metso. They have recently upgraded our cooking and fiber line at our SFI plant in Malaysia and are now working with us in our pulp mill modernization project in Ballarshah," says R.R. Vederah, Managing Director & Executive Vice Chairman, BILT.

Relocating a paper or pulp production line and replacing its old automation system with modern technology requires profound expertise and experience. Metso is the only supplier in the world able to combine automation, process and machinery know-how in-house. The offering covers everything from pre-surveys and integrated automation solutions to process startup support.

Metso's deliveries will take place in two phases. In the first one, Metso will supply a Metso DNA automation system, which will control the entire pulp mill. The delivery will also include Metso Brightness Measurements, Metso Residual Measurements and Metso Cooking Liquor Measurements.

In the second phase after the startup, Metso will conduct an audit to define the potential for performance improvement, in addition to supplying a Metso Cooking Optimizer and a Metso Kappa Analyzer.

BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited (BGPPL) is a subsidiary of Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), which is part of the US$ 4 billion Avantha Group. BILT is India's largest manufacturer of printing and writing paper, and focuses on the wood-free and fine papers segment. BILT and BGPPL have six manufacturing units across India, giving the company geographic coverage of most of the domestic market. The company has a dominant share of the high-end coated paper segment in India and ranks among the global top 100.