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Multichannel measuring
Multichannel measuring

JUMO's AQUIS touch P compact multichannel measuring device is especially designed to be mounted on panels. This one device allows the user to handle measuring, control, recording, and display tasks.

The AQUIS touch P has a modular design and offers numerous interfaces. Measuring inputs, switching outputs, digital outputs, and analog outputs can be freely retrofitted and modified in a wide area. The multichannel measuring device has an intended installation dimension of 96 x 96mm, with protection type IP 66 for the front side. The device's adaptability makes it suitable for an extensive range of applications such as monitoring drinking and bathing water, communal and industrial wastewater systems, process systems, cooling tower controllers, ionic exchangers, RO systems (reverse osmosis), pharmaceutical water, and CIP systems (cleaning in place).

Regardless of whether the measuring task involves the pH value, redox value, electrolytic conductivity, resistance of high-purity water, temperatures, or disinfection measurands (such as free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or peracetic acid), the device provides a central platform for displaying and processing the corresponding sensor signals. Two analysis parameters can be directly connected and an additional five can be connected as standard signals. Digital interfaces enable additional eight external measured values to be read in. Flow rate measurement is also possible. Two frequency inputs are available for flow rate measurement (up to 300 Hz and up to 10 kHz respectively).

The measured values can be converted into standard signals (from 0/4 to 20 mA or from 0/2 to 10 V) or exported via digital interfaces (RS422/485, Ethernet, PROFIBUS-DP) for further processing in a controller such as a PLC. Integrated logic and math modules allow for extensive calculations that incorporate an array of measurement parameters. The results can be displayed again or used for switching tasks.

A 3.5 inch color monitor with touchscreen displays all the parameters as well as the device operation and settings. The operating language is selectable. Up to 15 languages can be implemented in the language library (which is expandable by the user). These languages include some with Cyrillic characters (e.g. Russian) as well as others with a non-Latin alphabet (e.g. Chinese). Language choice – as well as cUL approval – make the device suited for worldwide use.

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