New Generation of Versatile, High-Precision Data Loggers

Safe and secure temperature data management

  • New Generation of Versatile, High-Precision Data Loggers
    New Generation of Versatile, High-Precision Data Loggers

The new T&D Thermo Recorder TR7A series is ideal for temperature and humidity monitoring, having been designed for a broad range of measurement tasks. They offer multiple types of communication interface. Depending on the particular device, temperatures from -199 °C up to 1760°C can be measured and monitored, as can humidity from 0 to 99% RH. Measurement ranges depend on the sensor type, with additional optional sensors available.

High data storage capacities

In addition to the measurements of two channels, models in the TR7A series can display maximum and minimum values, as well as warning notifications thanks to upper and lower limit alarms. Large storage capacity allows for 30,000 readings per channel, with 15 different recording intervals available, ranging from 1 second up to 60 minutes. If recording intervals are set at 30 minutes, the user can obtain approximately 1.7 years’ worth of measurements.

Furthermore, the software application used with the TR71A and TR75A has a "Vaccine Mode", which makes them suitable for monitoring and recording vaccine temperatures. When set to this mode, they meet or even exceed CDC requirements for VFC. The TR75A of the series is a temperature logger with 2ch thermocouple (K, J, T, E, S, R) sensor connections. It is capable of measuring temperatures ranging from -199 to 1760°C and can be used in deep-freezes where temperatures reach ultra-low levels, or in very high temperature environments such as plant furnaces.

Storage options

All TR7A Series units use a wireless LAN access point to automatically upload recorded data and alerts to the free cloud-based "T&D WebStorage Service" or a Windows PC running "T&D Data Server" software. The T&D Webstorage Service is securely accessible from anywhere at any time from a computer via internet and smartphone, or tablet via the Thermo mobile app connection, and allows the user to adjust settings, download and share recorded data, view graphs and generate reports. The loggers can also be connected to a PC via USB to access the same information and services. Furthermore, even if the devices run out of battery power, recorded data can still be retrieved. 

The simplicity of the loggers in the TR7A series allows for uncomplicated and cost-effective protection of various goods and processes. They are ideally suited to the supervision of climatic conditions in buildings and warehousing, as well as the storage of sensitive products – including vaccines – and safeguarding of laboratories, server rooms and refrigerators.