New Sensor Generation for Liquid Analysis

IIoT-ready technology starts with pH/ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors and will be extended

  • New Sensor Generation for Liquid Analysis
    New Sensor Generation for Liquid Analysis

Memosens 2.0 sensors from Endress+Hauser store numerous, relevant data such as operating hours, minimum and maximum temperatures and measured values, calibration histories and load matrices. All this data can be used and processed for comprehensive analysis and more precise process management. The sensors also provide a perfect basis for predictive maintenance strategies.

Simplyfing liquid analysis

Memosens 2.0 combines cutting-edge technology with maximum practicability. Because the Memosens sensors are equipped with highly integrated electronics they can be calibrated and adjusted under lab conditions that are favorable for the operator and stable for precise results. Replacing sensors in the field is a simple process and can be performed in a timely manner thanks to the lockable bayonet connector and automatic sensor identification by the transmitter.

Non-contact digital data transmission eliminates the effects of moisture, corrosion and salt bridges with alert messaging if the signal transmission is disturbed. Galvanic isolation ensures interference-free measurement and EMC safety. The Memobase Plus software provides full traceability of all sensors used, supporting operation according to strict guidelines in regulated industries. Memosens 2.0 offers error-free flexibility for measuring points in hazardous areas, since all Ex sensors can be connected to all Endress+Hauser transmitters with the respective approval.

Reducing operating costs

Replacing sensors onsite is simple and quick, using pre-calibrated sensors reduces process downtime and regular regeneration extends sensor lifetime. Lab calibration reduces stand-by hours of analysis experts. Memosens sensors are proven in use in all industries, from chemical and food, to life sciences and power, to water and wastewater industries. Memosens 2.0 is backwards-compatible and can easily be integrated into existing systems, taking them to the next step towards a future-proof liquid analysis.