PED-Compliant Cast Pipeline Basket Strainers

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6 Standard sized available for equipment protection in industrial processes

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PED-Compliant Cast Pipeline Basket Strainers
PED-Compliant Cast Pipeline Basket Strainers

Complementing its manual pipeline strainer line, the Filtration Division of Eaton has developed a new range of cast pipeline basket strainers available in six standard sizes. The Simplex 72X pipeline strainer range conforms to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) with superior sealing and surface finish characteristics to legacy models. The strainer range is CE-marked to PED and is compliant with the EN13445 and AD 2000 pressure vessel codes. The Simplex 72X strainers provide full bypass-free filtration which protects process equipment. Typical applications for the strainers include chemical, petrochemical and water pipelines where temporary shutdown for cleaning or changeout is possible.

For processes with pressure up to 10 bar

The new Simplex 72X strainer range features the same connection dimensions as Eaton’s legacy 72 models, enabling simple upgrades and open up the use in new applications requiring CE-stamped strainers. With improved O-ring sealing underneath the basket and the same legacy stainless steel strainer baskets in perforated plate and mesh they can remove solids from 1 cm and larger down to as low as 40 µm. For continuous processes, where shutdowns are not possible, a matching Duplex 72X range is in development.As is standard, the Simplex 72X strainer is cast in ductile iron and is suitable for applications up to 10 bar at operating temperatures up to 120 °C. Where required, a stainless steel (CF8M) version is available for pressures up to 16 bar. Both types feature either DIN or ANSI flanges in six standard sizes, going from 1 inch up to 6 inches. Additionally, BSP threaded models are available in ductile iron in sizes 1 inch, 1.5 and 2 inches.

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