Pepperl+Fuchs selects Aqua Chem Ireland

as Sales Channel Partner for its CorrTran Corrosion Monitoring Solution in Ireland

  • January 11, 2012
  • Pepperl+Fuchs selects Aqua Chem Ireland
    Pepperl+Fuchs selects Aqua Chem Ireland

Pepperl+Fuchs announces that Aqua Chem Ltd is the new sales channel partner for the company’s CorrTran® corrosion monitoring products in Ireland.  Aqua Chem Ltd specializes in corrosion management and optimizing materials performance. CorrTran is a complete low-cost solution for monitoring general and localized corrosion as a process variable in real time, enabling users to determine the effectiveness of their corrosion inhibitors, and to detect and correct corrosion issues through upkeep and preventative maintenance before they become a costly problem.

“This new sales channel presents a great opportunity for Pepperl+Fuchs, as well as Aqua Chem Ltd. and its customers.  Aqua Chem Ltd. has an established presence in the corrosion monitoring and engineering markets, and CorrTran is a unique product that perfectly complements their existing corrosion monitoring capabilities, and delivers cost savings to the inspection and maintenance market,” says Martin Holdefer, Business Development Manager.

CorrTran products are rooted in field-proven technology that represents a truly revolutionary approach to corrosion monitoring by taking corrosion evaluation out of the laboratory and bringing it into everyday process control.  While general corrosion is more common, localized corrosion, or pitting, is more problematic and may account for up to 90% of corrosion failures. CorrTran is capable of effectively monitoring processes over the long term, and is especially useful in identifying process upsets when they occur.