Safe Cycle Lock for Powders

Customized discharging and metering solution for solids

  • Safe Cycle Lock for Powders
    Safe Cycle Lock for Powders

EBRO ARMATUREN has developed a customisable solution for discharging and metering powdery substances. The EBRO cycle lock “TS” is used whenever discharge from silos, weighing tanks, filtering systems or big bags and feed into downstream production processes such as vacuum reactors, sieving machines, mixers or packaging machines cannot be realised with standard valves

Optional control system

The EBRO cycle lock “TS” is available with nominal diameters from DN 50 to DN 1200. Its chamber volume and the geometry of the filling pipe can be adapted to suit the customer's specific requirements. Assembly is easy. It is usually sufficient to connect the EBRO cycle lock to the tank or the piping. Capacitance sensors are available for the purpose of monitoring the filling level; in the case of relatively simple substances, oscillating rod limit switches can be used. Furthermore, the opening of the inlet and outlet valves can also be time-controlled. For actuation purposes, a higher-level PLC or, optionally, an EBRO control system can be used.

EBRO cycle locks “TS” are gas-tight and ATEX-certified. Thus, they constitute a safe solution for use as passive explosion venting systems with nominal diameters from DN 50 to DN 600 in installations with differential pressures of up to 10 bar. They can also be used as inerting tanks. Moreover, they are approved for contact with food and are pressure surge-resistant in compliance with EN 14460.