Siemens lays foundation stone

for new company headquarters in Munich

  • July 26, 2013
  • Siemens lays foundation stone
    Siemens lays foundation stone

Together with Munich Mayor Christian Ude, Siemens President and CEO Peter Löscher has laid the foundation stone for the company's new headquarters building, which will be completed on Wittelsbacherplatz in Munich by the end of 2015. The future inner-city complex will provide employees with a 21st-century working environment and be freely accessible to the general public at ground level. Siemens has set the highest standards for sustainability for its new headquarters, and will fulfill the criteria for minimum energy consumptions in buildings.

"For the first time since the company built its headquarters in Berlin Siemensstadt one hundred years ago, Siemens is laying the foundation stone for our new headquarters of the future," stated Peter Löscher. Today's ceremony expresses Siemens' clear commitment to Munich and the company's home. Löscher also emphasized the spirit of cooperation between Siemens and the City of Munich.

"The Siemens campus will be an enrichment for Munich. A global company that doesn't isolate itself, but expressly invites the public in – this is how it should be," said Munich Mayor Christian Ude.

"The new headquarters will be a visible expression of the values that have made Siemens great and will continue to guide our company in the future: responsible, excellent, innovative," added Dr. Gerhard Cromme, Chairman of Siemens' Supervisory Board.

In addition to the many guests of honor and public representatives such as the head of Munich's Department of Urban Planning, Prof. Elisabeth Merk, and Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann, numerous employees at company headquarters and neighbors were also present at the ceremony.