Sign and label printer

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  • Sign and label printer
    Sign and label printer

Brady’s sign and label printer, the BBP31, is designed to be used within the logistics environment. The portable thermal transfer printer featuring a large full colour touch screen display with “touch and drag” moving and sizing can be used anytime, anywhere, stand-alone or PC-connected. It is an easy-to-use labeler that can help create hazard warnings and signs in seconds.

The BBP31 can print labels from 12.7 to 101.6mm at a speed of 76mm per second. Using built-in templates for many common label styles, including an extensive library of pre-made “pick and print” signs and labels, it can create solutions on the spot in minutes.

The adaptable label printer can print on hundreds of different labels, tapes, tags and materials, providing signing and labeling solutions for just about every conceivable location and environment.

Capable of printing from MarkWare label software as well as Windows based programs, this great value printer offers quick import options for graphics and fonts, and ‘wizards’ for pipe marking, CLP and GHS chemical labels. Other built-in features of the BBP31 include a date/time stamp, data serialisation, multiple print capability and barcode symbols.