Toughwash Signage for Production Units

To protect employees from accidents, Brady developed its washdown-resistant, metaldetectable safety signage

  • Toughwash Signage for Production Units
    Toughwash Signage for Production Units

As a result of the washdown environment, Food processors had to reduce signage on the production floor to ensure food safety. This resulted in safety protocols and procedures residing in binders on office shelves far away from the processing floor, where employees seldom read or see them. Brady's ToughWash washdown-resistant, metal-detectable signage can be used as lean communication visuals to reinforce compliance with food safety protocols on the workfloor.

Workplace safety

In the food processing industry, safety hazards are around every corner. Whether its slippery floors, chemical exposure, pinch points, washdown or industrial machinery maintenance, safety challenges are a constant presence. Workplace safety visuals are essential to reduce the injury risk to front-line workers. The new Toughwash signage enables food processors to identify hazards on the workfloor without compromising the general public's food safety.

Continuous improvement

The pressure to improve yield continues to intensify with the escalating costs of food commodities, energy and labour. In addition, product recalls and the re-work resulting from mix-ups on the processing floor can cost millions. Visual cues in Toughwash signage take the guess work out of production by reminding frontline workers about proper procedures at the point of operation. Toughwash can be used to create workplace visuals that lead to consistent and more efficient workflows.