Smart Valve Positioner for Hygienic Processes

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IO-Link interface offers easy integration into intelligent machine concepts

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Smart Valve Positioner for Hygienic Processes
Smart Valve Positioner for Hygienic Processes

Bürkert has advanced the intelligent control of process valves with the introduction of the Type 8694, the first valve positioner on the market that offers an IO-Link digital communication interface for use in the hygienic sectors.

While offering the accurate control of process valves expected of a positioner, where the Type 8694 really differentiates itself is its interconnectivity options to equipment across a facility. IO-Link is an open communication standard that can interface with all common fieldbus and automation systems with minimal implementation work. This allows to digitally store operating parameters and easily share diagnostics to a PLC, enabling control of the device. The result is a smart positioner that can be quickly implemented to provide reliability benefits.

Free software for set up 

The primary advantage of the Type 8694's intelligence is its ability to generate detailed valve data. This can be utilised to proactively schedule plant maintenance and inform asset management. With access to these metrics, operators can predict potential issues and react quickly – securing continued process uptime. Naturally, the Type 8694 offers seamless integration with Bürkert valves, especially the ELEMENT series. Designed to combine controllers, valves and sensors within a stainless-steel package, suitable valves include the Type 2300 angle seat valve, the Type 2301 globe valve and the Type 2103 diaphragm valve. For further simplification, Bürkert offers free communicator software to minimise set up time. All Bürkert intelligent devices can also communicate seamlessly on Bürkert System Bus (bÜS).

A myriad of engrained features ensures increased flexibility in application. Internal data storage that defines operating parameters ensures that no additional auxiliary equipment is needed. By transmitting process data digitally, the Type 8694 removes the need for terminals, reduces required cabling and saves on PLC I/O boards for analogue inputs and outputs. Error diagnosis of cable breaks or short circuits can also be detected, reducing the emphasis on installing short circuit fuses.

Designed for quick interchange and replacement 

Installation of the device is straightforward. The Type 8694 can be easily connected via simple wiring and M12 connectors, with its fast set up further expediting installation and maintenance. Furthermore, the positioner has been designed with retrofitting in mind, allowing the Type 8694 to be integrated into existing processes and machines with the simple connections allowing quick interchange and replacement. Suitable applications include processes in the dairy, brewery, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors – where the Type 8694 can easily integrate into the control loop of intelligent machines. Ultimately, the Type 8694 can suit almost all types of process control valves in a broad spectrum of applications. In all cases, the device can help increase process reliability and widen data communication.

Posted on July 14, 2020 - (965 views)
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